Pitch Competition Application
Hosted in conjunction with Pathway Women's Business Center
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Pitch Parameters *

In order to submit an application, the applicant must meet the following criteria and agree to the following parameters:

- Be a member of NAWBO Nashville or Pathway Women's Business Center in good standing at time of pitch 
- Prepare a 3-5 minute presentation and pitch concept at 9/27/17 meeting
- Submit a $25 application fee
- Outline how any funds won from the competition will be utilized to grow their business
- Acknowledge that any funds received through competition must be utilized towards a new product, service, or employee that can be specifically attributed to the growth of the organization. How will you utilize a specific product, service, or employee as a vehicle for business growth?

I have read and agreed to the parameters of the NAWBO Nashville/Pathway Women's Business Center Pitch Competition.
Pitch title (go ahead, make it catchy!) *

Please explain the new product, service, or department toward which you would allocate the funds won from the competition. How will this product/service/department help grow your business? *

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